Jack is a main character in Sago Mini


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A Jack plush



Jack is a blue bunny. He has 2 whiskers on each cheek and a purple nose. 

Games he appears inEdit

Music box- You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I'm telling you why. Santa Jack is coming to town! Jack is at the bottom of the map. He is riding a sleigh and he has a santa hat on. You can tap on the ground, sky and moon. As you tap on them, many different things such as penguins, snowmen, birds appear. The song is jingle bells. 

Friends-he is one of the characters in the game.

Road trip-he appears on the map of places to go.

Fairy tales- there is a blue frog sitting on a tree stump. Jinja kisses it, and POOF! It's Jack the bunny! Kiss him again, he's back to a frog. 

Toolbox- Same as friends. You can help him build a kite and other things.

Boats-Same as road trip, he appears on the map of places to go such as China, the jungle, and the city.

Babies-He is a baby bunny. He also appears on the icon of the game.

Superhero- Super Jack to the rescue! He's the star of this game. He lives in a house on top of a building in a city.

Trucks and diggers- when Rosie get's to the house, Jack is in front of it. When you pass by him, he waves and giggles. 

Babies dress up- Again as a baby bunny, he appears in this game. You play dress up with him

Planes- Same as friends and toolbox.

Jacks birthday is November 3rd.

Jack lives with his mommy and daddy in a house.

Jack is 11 years old.