Jinja is a main character in Sago Mini.



Appearance Edit

Jinja is an orange cat. She has 2 whiskers on each side of her head and a pink nose. 

Games that she appears in Edit

Sound box-she appears on the icon, home screen, and when you hold a ball, she might come out of it.

Pet cafe- She appears when you first tap the play button. She is seen making pancakes. If you tap on her, she will pop up and say "Meow" and when all food is on the tray, she, Robin, and Harvey will pop up and eat. During the "put food in their proper places" activity, after Harvey eats, Jinja appears. When she eats something she likes, she will sway side to side and go "aah!" But when she eats something spicy, her face will turn red and smoke will come out of her ears. And if she eats something she dosen‘t like, she will move to the right, stick out her tongue and say “bleh.” If she eats something sour, she will pucker her face, move to the right, squint, and say “whoa.” During the smoothie activity, when you're done with the smoothie, Jinja and her friends will sit at a table, with the smoothie you made. Tap and hold on a character to drink it. 

Doodlecast- She appears in the icon and the home screen and she also appears on some of the pages. When you are done with the story, she will watch it. When the story you made is done, she will say “meow” and clap.

Ocean swimmer-She is on a boat floating in the water. When Fins goes near the boat, Jinja will give him a snack whether its a piece of pizza, a lemon, or a spicy pepper.

Music box- she is floating on a hot air balloon through the plains, mountains, and space. You tap on the grass, mountains, and sky and things appear. The song is Twinkle Twinkle little star.

Space explorer- she is floating in the same balloon. When Harvey flys near her, they play catch. 

Friends-she is one of the main characters. 

Road trip- she is the star of this game. 

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A Jinja plushie!

Fairy tales-she is also the star of this game. She lives in a house in a magical forest full of fairytales.

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Baby Jinja (ain't she cute?)

Toolbox- you can help her build a car, a puppet stage with puppets, and more.

Boats-  She appears on the map of places to go. 

Babies- She is one of the 4 babies in the game. She is a cute little kitten.

Superhero- she is driving an ice cream truck. Uh oh, it’s gonna fall into a deep hole. Jack uses his super strength to grab the truck and get it out of the hole.  

Trucks and diggers- she is seen inside some of the materials to put dirt in Rosie's truck.

Babies dress up-Once again as a kitten, she appears in the game, and you can play dress up with her.

Planes- Same as friends

Jinjas birthday is September 14th

Jinja lives with her mom Catnip, her older sister Fangora, and her 3 little baby brothers in a house.

Jinja is 7 years old.