Rosie is a supporting character in Sago mini.



Rosie is a purple hamster. She has 3 whiskers on each side and a pink nose.

Games that she appears in/TriviaEdit

Rosie dosen't appear in many games, but she appears in some

Friends: She is one of the playable characters in the game. 

Fairy tales: There's a gingerbread house in the woods. Jinja takes a bite out of it. Uh-oh, there's a witch inside. And it's Rosie the hamster! Jinja uses her magic wand to fix the gingerbread house and Rosie becomes happy with it.

Boats: She appears on the map of places to go.

Trucks and diggers: She is the main charater in the game.

Holiday trucks and diggers: She is also the main character in the game. The truck she drives in is like a bulldozer.

Planes: same as friends.

Superhero: Oh no! The top of her apartment building is on fire! Super Jack uses his super ice breath to put it out. Rosie freezes but then thanks him.

Road trip: She appears in the car wash, the gas station, and the charge station.

Rosies birthday is June 2nd.

Rosie lives with her mom, dad, and sister in a house.

Rosie is 5 years old.