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1. No Profanity

2. Only delete your own edits

3. Do not post or mention any disturbing videos/photos, pornography, or any other insulting media on here.

4. No Cyber-Bullying. That goes to anyone, and we mean ANYONE who is a Sago mini detractor.

5. Nitpicking or bashing on something you don't like is mostly allowed. The only thing you can NOT bash or rant on is Sago Mini and it's characters, games, artwork, voices, or anything else about it.

6. Please respect opinions, whether they are negative or not. Deleting comments that slightly pan something dose not count as respecting someone's opinion.

7. No vandalism. There is lot of ways to do such things like adding false information, using profane language, ect.

8. No spam.

9. No racism.

10. No wiki vs wiki

11. do not pretend to be another user.

People that don't follow the rules will get blocked.

Have a good time and follow the rules before you begin!

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